3 Tips to Reduce the Need for Extensive Maintenance for Your Newly Installed Fence

17 August 2016
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After you get aluminum fencing installed around your property, you may be curious about what can be done to make sure that extensive maintenance won't be needed any time soon. While aluminum fences typically require much less maintenance then real wood fences, you'll still need to take some time to look into what kind of steps will need to be taken to ensure that your fence won't need maintenance shortly after it's installed.

Keep Obstructive Trees and Shrubs Away

Since there likely has been a lot of landscaping done in your yard, you should consider the effect the fence might have on the rest of your yard. One thing you may not have considered is the impact it can have on your fencing. If a tree is allowed to rest on the fence, this can lead to the fence's becoming weakened under the weight. Even shrubs and plants kept near the fencing can make the fence less stable due to the roots of the plants affecting the base of the fence.

Keeping any plants and trees a good distance from the fence will ensure that your fence isn't going to be damaged by the landscaping in the slightest.

Avoid Using Cleaning Solutions That Can Wear Down Aluminum

Some cleaning solutions can actually have negative effects on the aluminum fence instead of helping to clean it. When you look at the different cleaning products available, you can quickly see what kinds of materials the cleaning products are safe to use on. In some cases, you may find that cleaning the fence with a certain chemical can lead to the fence deteriorating. With this in mind, you can make sure that you're not harming the fence while cleaning.

Sticking with just pressure washing and using natural cleaners should be an effective way of keeping the fence clean without worrying about causing damage.

Consider Adding Shade Near the Fencing

Sun damage can be a problem, even for aluminum fencing. With this in mind, you should consider having some shade put in near the fence. This could be in the form of trees that are located a good distance away but provide some shade or even an overhang near your fencing. Even the shade that your home provides can extend the life of your fence before touch-up work will be needed.

Taking your time to become familiar with care for aluminum fences can help ensure that your fence will stand strong in the years to come and won't need extensive restoration due to preventable damage. 

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