The Perks Of Vinyl Fences

17 August 2016
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You can add a lot of style insecurity to your front yard just by adding a small picket fence. Most people think of wood when they imagine a picket fence. However, there are many other material options to choose from. Vinyl is the most popular alternative to a wooden picket fence. This article explains why a vinyl picket fence might be more practical for your front yard.

Vinyl is Waterproof

The first great thing about vinyl is that it is waterproof. Compared to wood, it does not to be need to be painted or stained to make it waterproof. This is a huge advantage to most homeowners who are interested in a low maintenance product. Restaining a wooden fence is a time consuming process that you need to repeat every few years. Since vinyl never needs to be painted or stained, you can save a lot of time and money.

Vinyl is Solid

Homeowners also love the fact that scratches and chips in vinyl are less noticeable than wood. This is due to the fact that vinyl is actually solid and dyed. So, the pieces are the same color throughout. If the surface get scratched, it will not expose a different color underneath. Simply put, scratches in vinyl are much less visible than those in wood.

Vinyl is Modular

Another huge perk of vinyl fencing products is that they are modular. This means that the rail and slat pieces can be attached to the post with minimal tools. In most cases there are small slots in the post that other pieces fit right into. Basically, you don't need any tools, glues, screws or fasteners to assemble the majority of the fence. Of course, the posts do need to be properly installed into the ground. Nonetheless, the modular design is very beneficial if you ever need to repair a damaged section of your fence. Wooden fences are constructed with screws and glue's, so even basic repairs require some power tools and woodworking skills.

Both products can add a lot of style and security to your front yard. You can also find a lot of vinyl styles that are made with fake wood prince and textures. Admittedly, these don't look exactly like real wood, especially when you look at them close up. However, they are pretty convincing when you look at them from afar. Vinyl is definitely the way to go if you are a customer who doesn't want to deal with all the maintenance of wood. For more information, contact a business such as Askatu Construction.