3 Benefits Of Wrought Iron Fences

18 August 2016
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Choosing a backyard fence means making a lot of smaller decisions: choosing not only the style of fence, but also the ornamentation, dimensions and material. While the sheer variety of options that this creates is great for consumers, it also means that the benefits of each type of fence need to be weighed against one another if you want to make an informed decision. So if you're debating making a purchase of a wrought iron fence for your backyard, take a look below at three great benefits that iron fencing offers.


One of the best benefits of wrought iron fencing is the ability to customize the aesthetics of the fence. This can range from simple but elegant ornamentation to bold, dramatic patterns that turn the fence into a conversation piece in and of itself. Many people still opt for the classic look of straight bars or pointed tops, but incorporating curved designs or even small patches of subtle color can complement a garden or transform an otherwise ordinary backyard space.


A popular alternative to wrought iron fences is wood fencing, but there are several disadvantages to the latter that you may want to consider before opening your wallet. Wood fences, while often beautiful, require far more maintenance than other types of fences. Specifically, they are susceptible to rot and need to be painted fairly often. But wrought iron fences require only a fraction of the maintenance that their wood cousins do, and they can last for several decades with only the occasional power washing. And if you decide to paint your iron fence, you'll have even less to worry about. Paint helps keep the metal from rusting as easily and also blocks corroding materials from attaching themselves to the metal. 


One of the main reasons people invest in fencing in the first place is to provide security for their property. A wrought iron fence with barbed tops can be used to surround a backyard vegetable garden to keep out larger animals who might have otherwise been able to step over a vinyl or wood fence. Many people also purchase a tall wrought iron fence to put around a pool if they have small children that they don't want wandering near water. So if you're looking for a practical, secure fencing choice, take a look at wrought iron fencing to see if it might be right for you. For more information, contact a company like City Wide Fence Co.