How To Keep Pokemon (And Other Unwanted Guests) Off Your Property

18 August 2016
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Pokemon Go has turned a tremendous number of people into amateur hunters—and caused quite a few issues with trespassers who are on the hunt for Pokemon. If you're frustrated with the number of people chasing Charmanders you've had to chase off your property, there's a simple solution: build a fence to keep those pesky Pokemon out of the area. However, in order to build the right type of fence, you need to take into consideration both what you are protecting and the type of wild Pokemon in your area. Here's a handy guide.

Garden Areas And Grass-Type Pokemon

Some of the grass-type Pokemon that are most prolific around garden areas include Oddish and Bellsprouts. Bird netting will keep these kinds of Pokemon out (and discourage the stray Pidgey as well) while protecting your young plants. In order to keep the entire garden safe, consider surrounding it with a chicken wire fence that's at least 2 feet tall. You need to bury 3-6 inches below ground, bent away from the plants, for best results. This combo of fencing also has the advantage of keeping rabbits and other pests away.

Residential Areas And Most Pokemon

Chain link fencing may be your best option if your neighborhood is plagued by Drowzees and Doduos, or just about any other type of the other fairly common Pokemon. Chain link is highly effective at an affordable price—a typical 60" chain link fence of galvanized steel only costs about $14.20 per foot to install, including labor.

If your area is plagued by Digletts, or any other type of Pokemon that tends to burrow, you may want to consider adding an L-footer to your fence. This is additional fencing laid against the base of your fence at a 90-degree angle. If you don't like the way that it looks, it can be just as effective buried underground. Chain link also tends to be equally effective at discouraging dogs, deer, and people (Pokemon hunters or otherwise) from invading your space.

Privacy Fences And Rare Pokemon

If you happen to have a few of the rarest sort of Pokemon in your area, you may need a privacy fence. Unfortunately, the rarer sort of Pokemon, like the Snorlax and Ninetales, tend to be tricky to keep out and trickier to hide from the eyes of hunters. A privacy fence can help keep the majority of regular Pokemon off your property while making it harder for hunters to spy the rare ones that do slip through.

Keep in mind that privacy fences come in a variety of materials. Redwood and cedar are common for wooden fences, but vinyl is considered an attractive, low-maintenance option. The only problem with vinyl is that it can cost as much as $33 per linear foot—while a cedar fence is likely to run you $15 or less per linear foot.

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