Want To Improve Your Small Shop's Curb Appeal? Install A Picket Fence

18 August 2016
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Most people buy their own little piece of land with a house attached. But, you may have dreamed of owning your own business for the longest time, and all you needed was a small building on some land. Whether you run a thrift store, coffee shop, or another business that the locals come to enjoy, you may have been investing time and money into making improvements over time. It makes sense to improve the inside in the beginning, but eventually, you will want to give your customers eye-catching curb appeal. This is when you should consider adding a picket fence to the property.

Give Your Business a Standout Look

Classic, attractive, and inviting are a few words that describe a white picket fence, which is a popular choice among homeowners who want to add fencing to their front yard. Adding this to your business's property can make it stand out from the other buildings and properties in the area. It is hard not to at least take a glimpse at such a property when you see a well-maintained picket fence on display.

Avoid Hiding Your Property

The great thing about a picket fence is that it keeps you from hiding your business. The fence is not there to increase security or provide privacy because these would be counterproductive to your success. But, it is there to greatly enhance its looks, and that is exactly what a short picket fence will do. While the minimal fence height will help, so will the fact that it has wide gaps in between each picket. If you have a side or back patio, you may even want to extend it to these areas to add attractiveness to the entire property.

Keep Your Costs Down

Investing in a wrought iron fence or high-end wooden fence would cost you a decent amount of money. But running a small business may not allow you to make such an addition to the property. A picket fence may only run you around $10 to $75 per foot, and a small piece of land will make this an affordable project. Beyond the initial installation, you will appreciate how inexpensive it is to repair this kind of fence.  Repairs cost an average of $223 for a wooden fence, so a small picket fence will most likely be even cheaper.

Although the addition of a picket fence to your business's property might not seem like a major addition, it can have an enormous impact on the overall appeal of your small business. For more information, contact Phoenix Fence, Co. or a similar company.