Two Tips For Those Considering Installing A Fence

19 August 2016
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Making the decision to install a fence on your property can represent a major decision for anyone to make. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that have a fairly limited understanding about what is needed to install a fence around their yard. If this is not a project that you have much experience doing, you might benefit from using these two tips when you are preparing to have a fence installed.

Have Your Property Surveyed

Having the property surveyed prior to installing the fence may seem like it is an unnecessary step, but it can help to protect you from some potentially serious problems. For example, it is possible for you to accidentally violate the property lines of your neighbor. If this happens, you may find yourself facing legal action to remove the fence and pay for damages to the property.

During a property survey, the exact boundaries of your property will be marked. This can greatly reduce the risks of this problem arising. In the event that your neighbor disputes the placement of the fence, you will have a surveyor's report ready to show them, which can help to expedite settling these disputes.

Contact The Local Utility Companies

There are likely to be buried utility pipes and cables running through your property. Sadly, it is possible for these buried lines to suffer extensive damage when the fence posts are being installed. This has the potential to cause serious disruptions to utility customers as well as being potentially hazardous. For this reason, you will want to make sure to have the utility company mark the location of any buried lines that are on your property. Fortunately, this is a relatively quick process, and you will not need to be home when this work is being done. While you may need to pay a small fee to have these lines marked, this can be a minor cost for minimizing your risks of these liabilities.

If you are considering having a fence installed on your property it is important for you to avoid making some oversights during the preparation stage. In particular, it is critical for you to have your property surveyed prior to having the fence installed as well as have buried utility lines on your property clearly marked. By taking the time to do these steps, you can help ensure that you avoid some potentially expensive, disruptive and dangerous complications that can arise when a fence is being installed. Contact a fencing company like Gatlin Fence Company to get started.