Economical And Durable Aluminum Fencing

23 August 2016
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Aluminum is a silvery-white, nonmagnetic, ductile metal that can be used to create lightweight and durable structures. Aluminum is available in multiple grades ranging from light weight to heavy weight in the form of sheets, rods, bars, angles, pipes, panels, tubes, beams, and more. Aluminum is economical and is often used to construct railings and fences such as the following:

  • Green Aluminum Fence - Landscape planter boxes can be installed at the bottom of an aluminum fence to accommodate growing vines and green plants. As these plants grow, they will entwine within the horizontal and vertical structures of the aluminum fence and create a solid green growing fence. Depending on the type of plants used, this growing fence can become a very effective privacy screen. Plants that are especially suited to growing on an aluminum fence include ivy, clematis, wisteria, trumpet vine, morning glories, and even vegetables such as sweet potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, peas, berries, and even small melons. Fruits and vegetable vines that grow and climb on an aluminum fence ripen evenly and discourage ground crawling pests. Once a vine has started to grow, you can attach it loosely to your aluminum fence with twist ties or plastic cable ties. In this way, you can guide your plants to completely cover your fence.  
  • Powder-Coated Aluminum Panel Fence - You can purchase powder-coated aluminum panels at your local hardware or fencing supply store to make into an attractive aluminum privacy fence. These aluminum panels are powder-coated in designs and patterns to create colorful residential fences and effective commercial signage. To create these designs, aluminum panels are covered in electrostatic powders and then baked to turn the powders into liquids and then into solid coatings. Powder coating produces a durable surface that does not crack, chip, or peel and keeps an aluminum fence cool to the touch even in direct sunlight.  
  • Perforated Aluminum Sheet Fence - Perforated aluminum sheets can be connected laterally to each other to form a decorative metal fence. This is especially effective when each panel is different and the design progresses from one panel to another to create a fence with no repeat images or patterns. The perforations in the aluminum fence allow for a limited view of the landscape on either side of the fence. Aluminum upright connector poles can be square or round and attach to the fence panels at the top and bottom. Shaped post caps can top each upright to create an interesting profile. For a unique effect, your perforated aluminum fence can be lit from the top and bottom to create unique shapes and shadows at night. 
  • Corrugated Aluminum Waterfall Fence - Aluminum is corrosion resistant so it is a good metal to choose for a waterfall fence. Corrugated aluminum panels can be installed horizontally or vertically and plumbed on the top of the fence to produce an attractive waterfall. When turned on, water flows gently over the aluminum panels and into a trough at the bottom of the fence where it drains into nearby landscape and drainage systems. 

Aluminum can withstand harsh changing weather conditions including extreme heat and cold in different seasons. Aluminum railings and fences do not rust and require little to no maintenance. Choose aluminum for a fence that lasts for many years and looks good for the life of the fence. For more information, contact companies like Fence-It.