Animal-Proof Fencing Tips

26 August 2016
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Whether you are trying to keep your dog inside the yard or keep the urban wildlife out, the right fence is the key to success. The following tips can help you pick out the perfect fence design, along with the accessories you need to keep the animals on the right side of your property line.

Tip #1: Consider all of your needs

It can be tempting to just focus on the animal issue, but you should also keep in mind your other goals for the fence. For example, a chain link fence may keep your dog in, but will it afford you the desired privacy you would like? Or, wood may give privacy, but are you comfortable painting or sealing it every couple of years? Once you know all your needs, you are more likely to settle on a final design that you will enjoy for more than just its animal blocking abilities.

Tip #2: Add a threshold

Digging beneath the fence is a major issue when it comes to containing dogs or keeping animal pests out. There are two options to prevent this. The first requires burying metal hardware cloth in the ground along the perimeter of the fence so that nothing can dig through. The second option is the installation of a threshold barrier. This can be concrete curbing or a rock-filled trench. A benefit of this second method is that it also prevents weeds from growing against the fence.

Tip #3: Pick the right materials

For wildlife prevention, just about any fence can work well as long as it is tall enough. For those trying to corral a dog, though, materials matter. Some dogs chew on and break wood fencing, so vinyl fences are a better option. Chain link can work great for some dogs, while other will try to jump or climb each time they see something on the other side. There is no one perfect material, so go with the one that meets your needs.

Tip #4: Make it tall enough

If your goal is to keep out rabbits and other small pests, then you don't even need a full size fence to do the job. For deer, fences have to be taller than they can jump, or you will need to add a section that angles outward at the top of the fence to discourage jumping. The same goes for containing your dog—make sure the fence is too tall for their jumping prowess. Another option with dogs is to add a "coyote roller" to the top of the fence line. These are horizontal posts that roll so your dog can't pull themselves over a taller fence.

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