4 Tips For Installing A Deck

29 August 2016
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Installing a new deck in your backyard is a great way to improve the appeal and appearance of your yard. It will make your yard more enjoyable to spend time in with friends and family. It can even be safer for your children, since new decks are smoother and made of high quality materials, so they do not easily break. Here are four tips to consider when installing a new deck for your backyard:

  1. Consider Material Carefully: In the past, wood decking was popular with the addition of insect and weather-resistant protection. However, it is becoming increasingly popular nowadays to install composite decking instead. This is because it is easier to maintain than wood decking. You don't have to worry about reinstalling the additional protection layers over the years, since composite is already weather resistant, and insects are not attracted to it. 
  2. Know if You Need a Permit: Never start with the process of installing a new deck if you are unsure whether or not you need a permit for the job. If you are hiring professionals, they will already know whether or not this is the case. Be sure to discuss this with them, since someone who is not professional should be avoided. If they don't know, then you should look for other professionals instead. Remember that without a permit, the city may require that it be torn down in the future. 
  3. Install it Properly: A deck should never be the same height as your home. There should definitely be a drop down to ensure that the water build up on the deck can flow off the deck and not reach your home. This is going to protect your home from potential water damage. Consider a well-thought-out design for the steps that lead from the back door to your deck. The stairs should be larger if you have children, and you should consider adding a rail for this reason as well.
  4. Keep Maintenance in Mind: Finally, it's important to know what you are getting into. You will have to keep your deck well maintained to ensure that you keep it lasting for a long period of time. You will need to sweep it regularly to prevent mold growth from standing pools of water underneath leaves and other debris. You should also move furniture around often to help avoid the deck underneath from becoming discolored. 

When you consider these four tips when installing a new deck, you can be sure that you make the most out of the process.