Clean A Wooden Privacy Fence That Surrounds A Pool And Repaint And Seal Its Slats

29 August 2016
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If there is an old, wooden privacy fence surrounding your pool, and some of its wooden slats are dirty and lacking paint, restore the fence's beauty by completing the steps below. Once finished, apply a sealant to the surface of each wooden slat that makes up the fence to prevent the fresh paint from fading or chipping.


  • long-handled scrub brush
  • thin, handheld scrub brush
  • wood cleaner
  • water hose
  • power sander
  • sandpaper
  • painter's tape
  • drop cloths
  • exterior primer
  • exterior paint
  • paint sprayer
  • wood sealant
  • paintbrush
  • paint roller 
  • mixing stick

Eliminate Stains From The Wood And Sand Each Slat

Use a long-handled scrub brush and wood cleaner to remove stains from each side of the fence. If any of the stains are in between slats and difficult to remove, use a thin, handheld scrub brush to eliminate them. Rinse both sides of the fence off with a water hose and wait for the wooden slats to dry completely.

Use a power sander that has a piece of coarse sandpaper attached to it to remove rough spots or sections of loose paint from each slat. Move the sanding tool back and forth in straight lines. Rinse sanding residue from the wood with a water hose.

Apply Exterior Primer And Paint

Cover the latch to the fence's gate or any hardware with strips of painter's tape. Cover the ground surrounding the fence with drop cloths. Fill the paint sprayer's tank with primer that is designed for use outdoors. Cover one side of the fence with primer, moving the sprayer's tip in straight lines as you press the machine's trigger. Cover the other side of the fence with primer when finished. Wait for the primed wood to dry.

Clean the sprayer's tank with soapy water and rinse it out with plain water. Fill the tank with exterior paint and apply it to both sides of the fence with the machine's tip.

Apply A Coat Of Sealant To The Wood

Once the paint has dried, stir a can of clear sealant that is designed for wood. Use a paintbrush or paint roller to apply an even coat of sealer to both sides of the wood. Wood sealant is often thicker than primer and paint, making it undesirable to spray it onto the wooden surface in the same manner that the primer and paint was added. Once the sealant has dried, your pool will have an attractive structure surrounding it. The wooden slats will remain intact and damage-free, even after being exposed to moisture or sunlight for extended amounts of time. 

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