4 Ways To Simply Adjust The Appearance Of A Chain Link Fence

4 January 2018
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Installing a chain link fence around your home is one of the best ways to properly secure your property. After all, chain link fencing cannot easily be damaged or manipulated and it holds up well against any kind of extreme weather that could do harm. However, many people think of chain link fencing as being uninviting and it's mostly because of chain link fencing use for industrial business. This doesn't mean that it shouldn't be used for personal homes, though. Besides, here are four ways you can soften the look of chain link fencing:

  1. Add Wood Panels: Rather than leave the chain link fencing as it is, you could install wood panels in the links. This is going to soften the appearance greatly while also providing more privacy for your home and yard. The benefit of doing this over installing a wood fence is that the chain link fence keeps the wood panels strong whereas a wood fence is more susceptible to damage from strong winds. You can also simply replace the wood panel should damage occur to it whereas you would have to completely reinstall any part of the wood fencing you have because of damages. This is more extensive work and also, more expensive. 
  2. Add Roll Fencing: Rather than installing wood panels in the chain link fencing, you can choose room fencing. This would be when the material is placed over top that chain link fencing, thus covering it completely. The benefit of this is that you will be able to conceal the chain link fencing so it appears as if you have a completely different material of fencing. However, you will still have the benefits of the durability of chain link fencing. 
  3. Add Paint: Most people don't realize that they can paint their chain link fencing rather than keep it the silver color that is standard. The most popular choices of color being black or white, which softens the look while also blending is better with the landscaping. Painting is definitely ideal if you have a view and want to blend your own landscaping with the area surrounding you while still having then security of a fence. 
  4. Add Plants: Strategic plant placement around your chain link fencing is another recommendation not only to soften appearances, but to also provide some more privacy. Tall bushes, trees, and flowers can provide this while also helping the fence blend in more with the landscaping

​With these four strategies, you can easily choose a way in which you can make your chain link fencing more appealing without taking away the benefits of durability and low maintenance of the fence. Contqact a company, like F & W Fence Company, Inc., for more help.