Need A Temporary Fence? Know How It Will Be Installed

27 February 2018
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Temporary fencing can be a great way to secure a location for a short period of time. It prevents the need to purchase expensive fencing material that you will not need beyond the length of your project. However, you may be wondering how a temporary fence can be installed. Here are some of the methods that can be used depending on your situation.

Stand and Sand Bags

If you need temporary fencing around a commercial business, you may not have the luxury of grass or dirt to put some fence posts into. This does not mean you are out of luck when it comes to security. It is possible to use fence panels that are held in place with sandbags. This method can be used to secure a temporary fence that stretches across a parking lot, where there would not be a place to secure posts into the ground.

This type of fence will be a good enough deterrent to prevent people from walking up to the area you are trying to secure. While it will not prevent someone that is determined to get in, since sandbags can easily be moved, it will give you the legal protection you need in case someone gets hurt in the secured area.


If you have the soft soil around your secure area, you can temporarily install a fence with posts that are driven into the ground. This type of fencing will be a bit more secure than the kind that is held in place with sandbags since it is very hard for someone to lift the posts out of the ground to easily gain access. This leaves climbing the fence as the only option, which can be discouraged by adding barbed wire if you are serious about security.

Post-driven fences can be used to secure differently sized fencing with ease. If you want a 6-foot fence or an 8-foot fence, know that it will stay in place without any problems if you use the post driven method.

Privacy Screen

You can still have privacy with a temporary chain-link fence. There are windscreens that can be attached to the inside of the fence that are secured directly to the material. While it won't give total privacy to prevent people from seeing through the holes that allow wind to pass through, it would discourage the majority of people that pass by. This privacy screen can be installed on any temporary chain-link fence, regardless of the post installation method.

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