4 Fencing Installation Tips For More Durable Fence And Fewer Problems

5 December 2018
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When you install a new fence for your home, you want it to be durable, attractive, and require few repairs. Good maintenance and improvements during the installation will help ensure you have a fence that lasts for years. Here are some installation tips for your fence to ensure it lasts for years with fewer problems:

1. Setting Posts to Prevent Problems With Leaning Fences

Leaning fence sections can be a major problem that you have to deal with. When you have a new fence installed, making sure that posts are set in concrete or with footings and boots will help prevent these problems. Installing concrete footings for your fence posts will help make your new fencing studier and prevent problems like leaning posts and fence sections.

2. More Durable Fence Lines With Gravel or Hardscaping Ground Covers

More durable fence lines can easily be created with good ground covers and hardscaping when you have a new vinyl fencing installed. The fence lines can be marked with gravel to provide fences with a durable base and groundcover that protects materials. Another option that you may want to consider is using pavers at the fence line for an attractive hardscaping feature. You should avoid using organic material like pine bark, which attract insects and can cause problems with materials like wood.

3. Better Hardware for Fence and Gates to Prevent Common Wear Problems

It is also a good idea to use better hardware for your fence. The hardware that you use for features like gates should be durable and can have features like tensioning systems that help with maintenance and prevent problems with sagging gates and damaged fences. In addition, make sure that you regularly oil hardware to make sure these fence components last longer.

4. Maintenance and Repairs to Ensure Your Fence Lasts for Years With Fewer Problems

Maintaining your fence is one of the best things that you can do to ensure your fence lasts for years. First, you want to make sure that you keep your fence clean, especially with wood materials that can decay from dirt getting in wood grains. In addition, make sure that you regularly paint, stain and oil the hardware of your fence to ensure it lasts for many more years.

These are some fence installation tips to help make your fencing more durable and need fewer repairs. If you are ready to have a durable fence installed for your home, contact a professional fence service for help with some of the installation and maintenance of new fencing.