Securing Your Property With A Chain Link Fence System

8 April 2021
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A chain link fence can be an effective option for helping to secure your property. However, you can find that there are myths about these fencing systems that can cause you to neglect to consider chain link as a viable solution for the property.

Myth: Chain Link Fencing Will Pinch Your Pets

Individuals will often need to have a fence installed so that they can keep their pets from wandering off their property. Unfortunately, they may assume that a chain link fence will be extremely prone to pinching their pets or even pulling out fur. Luckily, this is not the case as there are chain link fencing systems that are designed to limit the risks of pets getting pinched if they rub against the fence. This can often be done by applying a vinyl coating to the fence that will help to protect pets and children that may rub against the fence when they are outside.

Myth: Corrosion Is A Regular Problem For Chain Link Fencing

Some property owners will be worried about installing any type of metal fencing system due to concerns about rust forming. Chain link fencing systems can be protected against corrosion by applying a powder coating or other sealants to them. This will provide a protective coating that will shield the metal of the fence from the formation of corrosion. This can ensure that the chain link fence can last for a long time before corrosion will be able to start to form on it. You will have to remove moss, vines, and other plants from the fence to limit the amount of moisture that stays in contact with the metal.

Myth: A Chain Link Fence Can Be Easily Scaled

There is often the assumption that a person will be able to easily climb over a chain link fence by placing their feet in the openings that are in these fences. While some of these fencing systems will have openings that are large enough to allow a person to climb over the fence, it is also possible to buy a fencing system that will have openings that are too small for a person's foot to fit. As a result, this type of fence system can be as secure as most other types of fencing that you can install. Furthermore, there are security systems that can be placed along the top of the chain link fencing that will also reduce the ability of individuals to climb over these fences.