3 Guidelines To Install Side Fencing For A Shared Property Line

13 December 2022
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If you've wanted to install a fence on the side of your property to create privacy and security, there's a lot to consider first. When your property line is directly next to a neighboring house, figuring out how to install fencing can be confusing.  

Whether you already have fencing around part of your yard or you're starting with the side of your home to create some privacy, follow the three tips below to ensure that you get it right.

Building Permit

Depending on where you live, there could be restrictions in place that require you to receive a permit before any construction begins. Applying for a permit for a fence that's installed between your and your neighbor's homes could mean filling out paperwork together.

Meeting with your neighbor to discuss your plan for installing new fencing can make it easy to decide on the style and the height of the fence. Getting all these details in order before applying for the permit will ensure that you only need to do it once and won't run into any disagreements later.

Cost Responsibility

If you're eager to have fencing installed, but have held back due to the cost, it's wise to determine who is responsible for the expense. Since the fence will be seen from your and your neighbor's yards and benefits both of you, it makes sense that it's a shared expense. In fact, some cities require both neighbors to contribute to the cost of the fence when it's shared between two houses.

By discussing what fencing you want and how much you anticipate spending on the project, you can both feel comfortable sharing the expense. 


Along with the initial cost of installing a new fence, you'll need a plan in the event of any damage or other issues that need repairs. Since the maintenance of the fencing is something you'll need to factor in before it's installed, it makes sense to understand who is responsible for what. 

Since the fence will be installed between you and your neighbor's homes, you'll likely both pay a share of the cost to have maintenance done on a basis you both agree on. 

Installing a fence between your and your neighbor's homes can be an excellent way to enjoy more privacy when spending time in your respective backyards. If you're curious about the steps involved in having a fence installed on a shared property line, you'll need to be patient and find a solution you'll both be happy with. 

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