Great Things About Cedar Privacy Fences

8 March 2023
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If you are looking for a good privacy fence to put around your property, then consider going with cedar fencing. Cedar fencing can give you a nice-looking fence. Plus, this wood works well for privacy fencing, as well as for so many other types of needs. If you read this article, you will learn more about the advantages that come with choosing cedar for your privacy fence.

Cedar can be chosen in different colors

Cedar wood comes in different colors and this is without staining. This gives you the opportunity to have a wooden fence that looks great around your house without needing to keep up with staining or painting it. You can go with a light wood or a darker type of cedar wood, with different shades as well. You can get both a privacy fence and a decorative fence at the same time. 

Cedar has natural oils

While you can seal your cedar fence to ensure you get as much out of it as possible, know that it already has natural oils that will do a great job of protecting it from many threats. Not only does its natural oil protect it from aging and weather, but it even acts as a repellant for insects. Some of these insects include carpenter ants and termites that can really destroy wooden fences. A cedar privacy fence can give you one you can count on for years to come. 

Cedar fencing ages nicely

Something that a lot of people like about cedar privacy fences is that they tend to age in a way that keeps them aesthetically pleasing but in a different way. They will continue to have a nice cedar smell for a good period of time. As they continue aging, they can turn to another shade, sometimes with a silver sheen to them. Some people go with cedar fencing, for things like containment, border control, privacy, and other options because they look forward to enjoying the nice way in which it will change over time. 


You've just read about some of the benefits cedar fencing has to offer when used for privacy, as well as other purposes. Once you have a cedar privacy fence installed, you will also likely find yourself finding your own reasons to appreciate it as much. Keep in mind, while you may have it installed for one purpose, you will get many others from it as well.

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