The Top Advantages Of Cedar Fencing For Your Home

10 April 2023
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Are you thinking of installing a fence on your residential property? Wood is one of the oldest and most in-demand fencing materials in the residential market. While you can choose from many types of wood, cedar is one of the most preferred wood fencing options, and for good reason. 

Read along to acquaint yourself with the various advantages of cedar fencing.

Cedar Is Naturally Beautiful

Like it or not, the type of fence you build will influence the curb appeal and resale value of your home. This is particularly true for front yard fences, which are the first thing visitors see when they come to your home.

If a beautiful fence is one of your top priorities, you cannot go wrong with a cedar fence. This type of wood has a rich color and unique wood grain patterns and textures, which make it stand out from other wood fences. No two cedar fences look exactly the same, so cedar is an excellent choice if a beautiful, exclusive look is what you want for your new fence. 

Cedar Is A Durable Fencing Option

Is cedar a good choice for the outdoors where it may be battered by heavy rain and high humidity or eaten by termites? Unlike other woods, cedar is highly resistant to moisture, rot, and insect damage due to its natural resins. As a result, anything you build with it can last for many years without any special treatments or preservatives. However, cedar still requires periodic refinishing with UV-blocking clear varnish to keep its rich natural color. 

Cedar Is A Highly Versatile Wood 

Not all cedar fences are created equal. These fences can be designed to match your specific fencing requirements. For example, consider a white cedar picket fence if you want to complement the look of your traditional-style home.

If privacy is your major concern, a cedar privacy fence will do. Unlike cedar picket fences, which have spaces between adjacent wood planks, privacy versions are built with solid wood boards or panels that block outsiders' view of your yard and home interiors. For semi-privacy and increased natural lighting, consider a cedar lattice fence.

From indicating your property's boundary lines to enhancing the beauty of your front yard, increasing the privacy of your home, and keeping small children and pets safe while they play outside, fencing installations can serve many purposes at home. However, not all fencing systems are created equal, so careful consideration is necessary to choose the correct one for your residential fencing needs.

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