What Fence Is Best For Your Pet?

30 June 2023
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Do you have a furry friend that you are trying to keep safe in your backyard, and you need to build a fence to keep them in? If so, you may feel confused about what option will be best for the goal you're trying to achieve. Here are a few things to know about fencing options when it comes to protecting your pets.


A classic wood fence will offer the security you need, as well as provide a pleasing aesthetic. You'll want a wood fence that has minimal space between each board because some pets can squeeze their way through or potentially get stuck. If you do get a wood fence, you should check for rotting or splintered wood periodically to make sure that your pet doesn't get hurt by it.


Vinyl fencing will work great for people that don't want a fence that comes with maintenance. The entire surface is smooth, and there is no risk of rotting wood or splinters. Much like with a wood fence, you should pick a style that has minimal space between the pickets so that pets cannot slip through the gaps. 


A chain-link fence is a cheap and practical solution, but it may need some modification to make it pet-friendly. If your pet is the kind that makes a lot of noise when people walk by, they may need some privacy so that they cannot see out as easily. Privacy slats or windscreen material can be added to a fence to create a visual barrier. It prevents your pet from seeing others and prevents people from seeing your pet. 

Invisible Fencing

Sometimes it is not practical to fence off your entire yard and you need to use an invisible fence to get the job done. An invisible fence system works by placing a wire underground that is triggered by a collar. The collar will beep when the pet gets close to the wire, and give an electric spot when they try to cross it. An invisible fence works great for large property in rural areas where you want your pet to roam free, but not get too far away from the house.

Pet Playpen

Have limited space? Then you may want to create a playpen for your pet that gives them enough outdoor space when they go outside. An enclosed area can be great to limit the amount of fencing that is needed and to create a narrow area that gives them room to run and burn off energy. A pet playpen can be installed on the side of your home or alongside a neighbor's fence.

To learn more, contact a fence contractor in your area.